Monday, September 22, 2008

The Future Belongs To The Children

Islamabad Marriott Hotel Bombing

Another suicide bombing was in the news this morning. Very tragic and depressing.

Al-Arabiya television said the group that claimed responsibility for the attack demanded an end to Pakistani-American cooperation against the militants and a halt to U.S. military operations in Pakistani tribal regions.

"This was a heinous act that was committed by terrorists who have no interest in anything other than maiming and killing innocent civilians. And we're going to step up our efforts and work with the Pakistanis to do what we can," State Department spokesman Robert Wood said.

Pakistani policemen and onlookers gather as a cloud of smoke ...
(photo taken from Yahoo! news)

We often heard this qoute: "The future belongs to the children." I can't help but wonder what kind of future these children of today will have. And what kind of person they will become if their environment is chaotic, violent and full of hatred. The planet's natural ecosystem are being severely degraded.

One of the rights of children is "the right to play". IPA/USA qouted; "Play empowers children and reaffirms their individual right to develop at their own pace."

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