Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let Your Fingers Talk!

Few years ago, my best friend, Grace and I had the chance to study Sign Language. It was fun. We learn the basic Sign Language Alphabet. We learn more than a hundred basic words. We learn how to turn it into sentence. We learn how to translate songs into signing. We were only on level one though. We were not able to proceed to the next level because we became very busy then.

Studying sign language is a gesture of a desire to reach out those who are mute and deaf. It is showing that we are connecting ourselves to their world. Don't you know that the mute and deaf are practically talkative persons, too? (of course, i mean they do that in signing) Yes, they are. They even love gossip. :) They just love to express what's on their mind. They are very expressive and straight-forward.

Sign Language can also be useful to the people who don't have problem with hearing and talking. Like, when two people trying to say something from a great distance. Or when you are conversing in the middle of a very irritating and unbearable noise. It can also be useful to maintain needed silence.

Sign language is not only for them, it is for everybody as well.


Alicia Calero Cervera said...

hello!thanks to write in my blog. I'll like to learn sing language someday in the future.

tetegrupito said...

thanks to write in mi nice blog¡¡¡