Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How Is Your Day?

It is a lazy day today. I don't feel good while on work now. I feel like I have fever. Must be the weather? Or am I lacking some life in my living lately?

Consider Job in the old times. He has everything then. In fact, he was way ahead too great from anybody else in terms of possessions and a happy family. All of a sudden, God took it away from him (for a purpose).

Obviously, it is really difficult to go on living with a life like that, but we have the options. Whether to complain, grumble and be indifferent toward everything around us, especially to God. Or to humbly yield on to His working in our lives along with the claim of faith that what God is doing in our lives is for our own good. And that what is ahead of that is a promise of good life. We may don't seem to understand what God is trying to make out of our present circumstances, but like a clay potter, He is moulding us in His hands. Notice this, if the "Potter" sees some imperfections in the clay He is moulding, He have to crushed it and work on it all over again.

What is our choice? Be stubborn? Or be submissive? If you think you are enjoying the "remoulding" God is doing in your life, keep being stubborn. If you think that the "moulding" process is uncomfortable, then, for your own sake, be submissive, so that the "Potter" won't have to "remould" you again. It is surely a painful process.

"... I will forget my complaint, I will change my expression and smile" Job 9:27


LeLe Walker said...

I visited today here.

Carmen M. said...

Ruby, we think a lot alike. I hope you will follow my blog C and M Scrap Quilts as it is designed to share my quilting ideas, inspiration and techniques to help beginners. I make quilts as the focus on making them for others helps me endure what I must endure. It is my "safe place" but allows me to share with others. That is why I am blogging. God gives me great conmort in this goal.