Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is It Fine To Help The Mother Dog In Their Delivering Puppies?

They say that we are not supposed to help the mama dog in delivering their puppies? That they don't feel comfortable having anybody around while delivering. Some say it would take the delivery longer than it ought to be when somebody is around. But I have proved it wrong through my own experience. Our labrador-mix mama dog gave me the sign that she needed me in delivering her puppies. Just why I said that? The night that she felt that she was due soon, she really went through hardship just to be able to come upstairs and stay right in front of our door.

We noticed that she was restless then. She look like she was about to poop. Then we understood that it was her time. We were just silently observing her moves. We left her to herself. About an hour after, we checked her. We found two puppies lying on the floor. They look dead. At once, I decided to help her. I tore off the placenta, cleared the nostrils to be able to breath, wipe the puppies off with a clean cloth and place the puppy on top of the mama dog's tummy for warming.

We are so happy and inspired that all seven of them were alive and healthy. And three months after, we have to give away five of them. It was a sad moment for us, but we are only room boarders. We are not supposed to have a dog. But our landlord is kind enough to allow us to have two.
And by the way, It is their birthday today. October 15th. There are only six in the pictures because the other one was not around by that time. He was somewhere with his mama. :)

(The picture didn't turn out the way I want it. :( ) I had somebody scan it, and it turn out to be like that. How should I fix this? Anybody who had encountered this, please tell me what to do.
Thanks in advance for any input.


Ken's choice said...

Hi Ruby,
thank you for your post, why did you give it away ?? Oh listen to me, I give everything away too.
you did so well with helping your dog, but is giving them away after 3 days not a bit soon for them leaving their mother ??
My father used to breed police dogs, but we had them for 10 weeks before they were allowed to leave.
please visit again Ruby, God bless you,

Kira Yui said...

thanks for your coments^^