Friday, October 10, 2008

How To Improve Voice Quality

They say Filipino loves to sing. Well, it is undeniably, true. It is Filipino's favorite past time next to eating. (he-he-he) You can justify it if you know me. Where there are parties, there are videokes, karaokes and the latest one, magic sing. Singing made the party going and added more fun. It is some kind of bonding to the friends and even to the family.

I love the moment when my family, including my Uncles and Aunties, gather around living room for videoke. Even my grandmother would sing, too. Greenfields is her favorite song. I have an Uncle that would cry while singing. Each of us has our own styles. Everyone anticipated with excitement for the turn of the microphone.

I gather (from anywhere) some tips on how to add some quality factor to our voice:

*Try to record your voice and listen to it with a friend. They can tell you how different your voice sounds.
*Work on your diaphragmatic breathing. It brings strength in your voice
*Breath control exercises. Breath within your stomach without moving your shoulder.
*On the day of performances, avoid eating milk based products and chocolate. These items will coat your throat, resulting in a less than pleasant sound for you.
*Start singing regularly
*Join a choir
*Make sure you have a good hearing, too
*Strain your voice gradually beyond it's capability

I like the reality show Pinoy Dream Academy. I learned some from them, too. It's very educational, too.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

oh yes, i love singing,too. that's my stress-buster :)

StarFish said...

lol... i enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for posting that... and yes besides eating, singing seconds that... :)