Monday, October 27, 2008

My Buddies

These are my dogs. I call them my buddies. They are very loyal to me and are always ready to protect me. Every day, they walk me to the gate on my way to work and on every afternoon, they are there already, anticipating my coming home. They show their happiness every time I come home. The big black one is the most loving among these four.

Naming from left to right;
Dodong (a.k.a. Dongkay)

Dog's are famously quoted as "A Man's Best Friend". And it is very true because no matter what, they won't betray their good owner. They give back the love that they get.


Haloa said...

thanks for having come to know my space.Come back other times.
Pretty dogs.

niar said...

your dog is really nice rubby...
but sometimes I afraid of the dog

Jules said...

Beautiful dogs Ruby.!Thanks for leaving a comment on my pup. Hopefully I will be able to update my safari blog as I go.

Lorraine said...

ohh, how sweet of your dogs! i love dogs, too. by the way, their names are funny... :)

Bene ^.^ said...

I love the dogs, and yours are beautiful Ruby :)