Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Patience Is A Virtue"

We often heard; "Patience is a virtue." And it's true that most of us hate the waiting period. We get irritated standing on a long line to pay for some grocery. We get mad when somebody is not following their timeline. We get pissed off when somebody we had agreed to meet in a certain place and at certain time didn't show on time.

Any mother can tell you that waiting to give birth is an experience that builds patience. But pity the poor mother elephant. It takes about 22 months for an unborn elephant to mature to birth! the shark known as the spiny dogfish has a pregnancy duration of 22-24 months. And at elevation above 4,600 feet, the Alpine salamander endures a gestational period of up to 38 months!

Farmers waited and toiled hard, just to be able to support his family.

Abraham was told by God that his descendants would be like the sands on the seashore. He waited, and he was a hundred year old when his first son was born. Laban worked fourteen years for Rachel to become his wife.And there are many more others in the bible history that has a wonderful story about waiting.

Waiting for God's promise to be fulfilled is part of trusting Him. No matter how long the delay. we must wait for Him. As the book of Hebrews said;
"Let us hold fast the confession our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful." (Hebrews 10:23)

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HA said...

Yes! patience is a virtue!